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Welcome to a pre-screening of Billy Kilson Online Drum Lessons
We hope you enjoy this little Exclusive. Each lesson comes with a PDF that you can download. At the bottom of the page is a small contact form that we hope you will fill out and give us feedback on what you liked, did not like and what you would like to see in the future. We want this site to become your community and resource for answering the questions you are really asking and not the ones we think you might like to know.
Swiss Army Triplets BK Style

In this lesson you will learn The Traditional Swiss Army Triplet as well as the sticking Billy uses most often. Click below for the PDF  of this lesson

Go-Go Funk Groove Lesson 1

In this lesson you will learn the"Authentic" Go-Go Funk from someone who was actually there. Click below for the PDF 

Transitions In Styles Swing to Funk(Brushes)

I'm Often asked how I go from one style to the next seamlessly and authentically in my gigs. its become my signature and in this video series I will show you exactly how I do it. Here is a taste of one video from the series Click below for the PDF 

We want to know what you think!!!!!!
Give us your thoughts, ideas, and what you would like to see from Billy. Whether it's a breakdown from album's Billy has played on, career advice, rudiments, or learning new styles from a master we want your input.Your information will NEVER be sold, rented or be used by any third party EVER!!!!!!!!
The top 25 questions will receive a special gift as a thank you for participating and all feedback will be read by Billy.


Tell us what you like, Don't Like and what you want to see in future lessons